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    Default Volvo MD1/2/3 B New gasket sets in packets

    Just testing the water as I haven't looked up all the parts numbers to do a thorough list. But only of interest if you have one of these motors anyway. I will sell for a small fraction of what I paid, if you need this stuff and especially if you buy the lot to save me listing, looking up the part number, and photographing every thing, bit by bit.
    I had a Volvo MD3B in my boat, and bought a selection of new parts for it. They have been dry stored in boxes and the original packaging.
    These will fit the 1970's 1,2, and 3 cylinder MD-B engines, if not I will say so.
    I have in particular, 3 packets containing top end decoke gasket sets, which are useful and expensive kits of gaskets etc.
    Also a new thermostat, new alternator belts, various other stuff to list.

    Is anyone interested? Good prices to MD users, spares for these are drying up.

    If nobody here wants any, they will go on ebay in a couple of weeks, let me know on this thread please initially rather than PM. ( In the optimistic best case of somebody actually wanting any..)
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