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    Default Insurance small print

    Whilst reviewing this years renewal; +20%, I noted in the small print a no single handed in excess of 18 hrs followed by 6 hrs MOORED exclusion. Is laying to anchor technically moored? Its my intention to do a UK circumnavigation, some of which will be solo, to plan the trip around marinas would be a pita.

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    Default Re: Insurance small print

    When I questioned my insurer about their 24 hour singlehanded limit, they said the limit was for the anticipated time the trip should last. If something caused this to be broken, then I would still be covered.

    The term moored, means not sailing. You can be in a marina, on a mooring buoy or laying to anchor. I am not sure if being heaved to for 6 hours would be considered moored.

    I sail singlehanded most of the time and regularly sail for 12 to 15 hours. My longest sail, due to light winds and an engine problem, was 17 hours. You do get very tired in the early morning, so the 18 hours plus 6 moored is sensible. On a circumnavigation there are only a few sections that you will possibly break the 18 hour limit. So I would recommend having a crew member for those.
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    Default Re: Insurance small print

    A lot of singlehanders go with Pantaenius who do not set a limit and have terms - small print which (I am told) are also fairly liberal.

    I might get insurance for £200 elsewhere (I am guessing I have never asked) and I pay £300. In the broader scheme of boat ownership the 100 quid extra is not a big deal for me; for a round Britain caper I would consider it.


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