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    Default Yanmar 1gm10

    Can anyone help service (major) a yanmar 1gm10
    Boat will be in Gillingham marina
    I have all the parts, looking for someone to possibly show me how itís done?
    Iíve watched some YouTube videos changing impeller, oil, filters etc. All looks easy, but is it really that easy?
    Any help or reassurance would be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Yanmar 1gm10

    Yes, as simple as it looks. There are many videos and the manual is available on line if you look. I’ve got it but too big to email.

    Go go for it, then you know it’s done right.
    Out west.... (or in the office)

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    Default Re: Yanmar 1gm10

    I have done the oil change, oil and gearbox (simple), filter change (very simple), replaced anode (not difficult but more to do than you would think), replaced impeller (bl**dy fiddly), checked the exhaust elbow (simple) and cleared the water passage at the T connection at the block (not difficult and was necessary as it was restricting the water passage - salt), took out the thermostat and tested (dead simples). Going to change the fuel filter in a month or so with another oil change before laying up.

    The most difficult thing about the oil change was seeing the level of the oil when filled with fresh oil. The dipstick is shiny metal and reflects the level of the oil so it is almost impossible to actually see the level accurately. Bizarre you might think - it is but..... How can something so simple be difficult!

    The anode - slight groan. To get at the anode the alternator has to be taken off to move out of the way. Somebody might be able to do that without doing that but I couldn't. Wasn't difficult to take off the alternator. Anode before and after:

    Yanmar impeller by Roger Gaspar, on Flickr

    Impeller - groan. In our installation this is a hanging upside down approach. Everything is simples....until you try to get the top bolt into place. Bad design! The top bolt - v. small bolt avec big fingies behind the bottom edge of the lower belt flange - groan. FIDDLY! I am going to get some:

    The engine is for 'emergency' only so it is hardly used. Before I got it I suspect the engine hadn't been moved for 6-8 months. Note the impeller after staying in one place for 6-8 months. It took a day before the vane straightened. I shall remove the impeller once the boat is ashore for the winter. And so an improvement on the bolts will be better!

    Thermostat check - not a regular service thing. I was having overheating problems. Bad design. You need to removed the fuel pipe to the injector to remove the thermstat cover! Not difficult to replace the pipe and bleeding not necessary.

    The Tee joint on the front of the block was necessary to clear the water passage - not sure it is good design. The salt had formed just into the entrance block. Simple to clear - Mk1 screwdriver.

    I checked on the exhaust because of the overheating - simple unbolt thing and it was quite clear.

    Not at all difficult. Go for it
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