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    Quote Originally Posted by lw395 View Post
    Where the finish is a short reach from the leeward mark to the line, you may get some very negative feedback frrom competitors if they can't fly the kite to the line.
    I think it's important for the course and finish line to be consistent with the SIs and the intentions of the class.
    Setting a finish where only the fatties could carry the kite would be seen as poor practice in some circles.

    We aim to provide a quality service to the competitors, who are after all, the paying customers.
    Quite agree about keeping our clients happy but if all the boats have to 2 sail reach to the finish, the fatties aren't favoured. 30 odd years of running the similar set up, I have had few complaints if any, and a lot better that trying to finish on a beat at the top. unless that is the way home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy32 View Post
    Another way in single fleets with difficult or no sail numbers on kites etc, is to arrange the finishing line to make the approach and crossing of the line on a point of sail that will enable the sail number to be read. A fine reach is good. It also rewards good sail handling skills, often with entertaining results. Do not make it too long a leg though as they then bunch up to windward.
    Sure, we'd probably have done some re-organising of the course if it had been a larger class, but the reason I brought it up was to highlight the versatility of pencil and paper.

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