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    Default Replacing fender valves.

    There was a post a little while ago about replacing valves in fenders which I read with interest

    Hoving some fenders with valve missing I was wondering if anyone has tried to replace the valve with a tubeless tire valve by cutting it down and gluing it into the existing hole or by enlarging the existing valve.

    If so what kind of glue my thinking is either sikaflex or the like or as the fenders tend to be made from PVC some PCV weld glue as used with PVC piping/conduit.
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    Default Re: Replacing fender valves.

    I've no idea what glue to use for this, but I'd be a bit leery of having a valve sticking out of the fenders in case it damaged the gelcoat
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    Default Re: Replacing fender valves.

    drilled mine out and sikkaflexed the new ones back in, worked just fine, nothing sticking out
    you can sort the alignment with a bolt that inserts into the valve to guide it, perfect


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