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    Default South West Boat Transport

    If anyone is thinking of bringing their boat back from outside the UK I would be very wary of recommending this company.

    Ours was scheduled to be transported on Monday the 9th at Port La Rauge so we got there Sunday in preparation having not heard from the company for a while. We had an email back saying that their trailer was needing repairs. It transpires that their trailer was broken a week before and they had not been bothered to tell us. I know stuff goes wrong but why they couldn't have told us.

    So after a call on Monday, the chap says to leave the boat in the yard until they can pick it up and they will cover the extra fees as we had to fly back. A WEEK later we get confirmation that the boat is on the lorry and is coming back. On arrival to the UK I spoke to the chap over the phone to settle up the extra mooring fees and his attitude absolutely stank - backtracked on saying he would cover the mooring fees to say he would offer a small amount back.

    I probably wouldn't have cared if the dude was communicating but it just seemed once he had my money he then did not give a cr*p. I honesty would stay away from this company after this. A shame - his driver was a good man and looked after the boat nicely.

    So we are a week late, out of pocket by a lot and bad customer support. Be Warned.

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    Default Re: South West Boat Transport

    I got a quote from them after having to chase them. £2500+ vat if under 2700kg (which they know it isnít) £5500+ vat if over!! They didnít get the job.

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    Default Re: South West Boat Transport has done many many jobs for me and is always the best to work with
    Can highly recommend them


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