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    Default Honda 2.3hp gear oil

    The owner's manual states that GL4 gear oil should be used in my 2016 Honda 2.3hp yet I noticed that the Honda BF2D owner's manual states either GL4 or GL5 gear oil can be used. GL-5 lubricants are designed to cope with the sliding action of hypoid gear interfaces and although GL-5 type lubricants are not always compatible with the yellow metal (brass or bronze) in synchromesh synchronizers, with the simple non synchromesh gear assembly used in the Honda 2.3hp wouldn't you think that using high performance gear lube GL-5 would be ok to use. Any thoughts on this as I have a couple of tubes of Quicksilver high performance gear lube GL-5 tubes collecting dust on my shelf.

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    Default Re: Honda 2.3hp gear oil

    Your Quicksilver oil is quite adequate for your job. Remember to fill from the bottom drain


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