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    If you go to Evia step by from Evoiko sea center and ask for Dennis .
    I m wintering there for the last 3 years and i am very satisfied.
    As i have seen on the launching process they will keep you on the trailer to start the engine and check that everything works smoothly.
    Boats are very well supported on steel frames and in the matter of security they are very well protected.
    There is one more yard right next but there is no comparison, boat owners have a key of the yard in case they come late the night and while they invest in new lavatories , Dennis invested building a new hydraulic trailer and bought a new tractor

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    Default Re: Greek boatyards-insurance policy

    Quote Originally Posted by alexsailor View Post
    If I would leave my boat on a hard in Greece (let's say Preveza) I would be interested in the insurance about earthquakes....
    All of Greece, but especially western and southern Greece, is prone to earthquakes. Here on Crete we get small ones quite regularly, you don't feel them unless you're on a boat on the hard, when it will rattle for no apparent reason.

    Regardless of the yard's location I would check that the cradle arms extend a little way up the sides of your yacht so that it offers some lateral support and that the yacht's keel actually sits on the cradle base, thus adding the boat's weight to it. That's generally how they do things here in Agios Nikolaos and it means that even in a moderate earthquake the boat won't fall out of the cradle (because of the lateral support from the arms) and the cradle itself won't topple over (because the weight of the boat is on it).
    Mostly harmless....

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