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    Default Sending postcards while cruising

    Never even thought something like this existed until someone showed me yesterday. Send a postcard from your phone or tablet!
    Seem to be a few apps that do it, this one costs 2 quid to take a pic then have it sent as a postcard . Easy to email of course but this will cheer my aging mum up no end now and then

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    Default Re: Sending postcards while cruising

    I'll check it out. We have used TouchNote for years and were quite happy with that method of sending cards. Their editing used to be poor and had annoying features. e.g. Couldn't paste in text written earlier.

    It has improved but then they announced all credits had a limited life, very annoying as we'd just bought a load. However, their email clearly stated that they wouldn't expire. Actually the expiry date on remaining cards renewed every time one was used. We also saw a lot of complaints about this and the fact that many cards had never arrived.

    It did all work out eventually after a lot of complaining and our current credits have not expired (though we still get emails saying that they will). I'd prefer to find another company to use and will have a look at your link.


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