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    Quote Originally Posted by Imray View Post
    Hi Minn, well, apologies are owed in that case. As you say, Long Sand Head itself is shown on the 2000.1 chart but the extent doesn't go as far east as to include the buoy. On on chart C1 Thames Estuary, which obviously isn't in the pack, the buoy is indeed shown.

    I'm curious now as to how long the buoy has been there (will talk to Roger about it). If it was after the scheme for that chart pack was devised, that'll be why it's missing. We'll look into it and see if/how we can improve it. A case in point about it being useful to have your feedback. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and sorry again!
    The glib (and slightly humerous response) as to the buoy is about two weeks! But seriously it was moved by Trinity House about two weeks ago but only a matter of a hundred metres or so. It was placed in that area well before the Sunk Gyratory (my words) was created - by 'Gyratory' I mean the more complicated Sunk Precautionary Area that included the Two-Way Route. The Long Sand Head pre-dates the Two-way routes and it's move has been very limited. The Black Deep port hand buoy on the other hand has been the most moved buoy in the Thames Estuary in the 10 odd years I have been doing the NtMs. In 2001 the Black Deep was approx at 51.46.00N 001.33.400E, two weeks ago it went to 51° 48.315’N., 001° 36.955’E after at least many moves in between.

    Quote Originally Posted by Minn View Post
    If I might make a suggestion, whilst I do appreciate that the 2000 pack is labelled ‘Essex and Suffolk’, I did notice that in the Sussex and Kent pack you include a chart labelled «*Thames Estuary Southern Part*», which is a term carried over from UKHO labelling. Could you perhaps include a Thames Estuary Northern Part chart in place of the existing 2000.1 chart and include the whole of what Roger calls the Sunk Gyratory in it? Perhaps a thought to discuss with Roger and Jane?
    I think there is a difficult decision. I think the argument for a chart that covers the Gyratory has a lot of sense but the scale is challenging. I say that because a 'Gyratory' leisure folio really could benefit from including the Inner Gabbard and Galloper Wind Farms to the east and to the west to meet folio 2000.4 i.e Cork Sand Yacht Beacon. To include that size of area would negate the kind of scale I suggest people would want at the Long Sand Head. The Long Sand Head is a 'orrid bit of sand, probably the unkindness bit of sand in the whole Estuary. Ironically a few miles away a Hotel Ship was anchored for several months to service maintenance workers for the Wind Farm, yet 130 years ago 20 people drowned or died from exposure when the Indian Chief founded on the same sand. Even more irony, today the hotel ship would have had the Interweb while many died on the Indian Chief waiting for somebody to understanding the Lightship warnings at the time.

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    Default Re: Chart and plotter whinge

    Quote Originally Posted by TSB240 View Post
    I am sure you know the answer so why ask the question?

    The notorious much copied and redistributed out of date CM93 circa 2012 world wide charts were a friends only electronic charts during an extended 14 year round world cruise. Wonderful charts but as useless as a chocolate fire guard in many remote Pacific locations. Google maps and forward looking echo sounder were more useful nav aids!
    I've also got CM93 but that that wasn't what Old Harry was referring to so the question still stands as to whether he is using the OpenCPN base cartography or something similar.


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