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    Quote Originally Posted by Minn View Post
    One big advantage of the Heron is the centreplate.
    Yes I see that, I imagine that it could almost live on the mud OK without legs though at rather a jaunty angle

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat88 View Post
    The one thing that I worry about is 4ft draft, OK so it has legs but it will be spending a lot of time on the mud. I need to research things like the Blackwater sloop, Rossiter Heron, Dauntless, Kestrel etc. (Think the last two are often very tired)

    If anyone can propose other shallow draft or centreboard traditional wooden boats around 20ft or just under that it is worth me looking at I'd be happy to hear about them.
    Finesse 21; has a shallow draft and centreplate so drying out not a problem and most of the later ones had diesel auxiliary engines from new. Gaff rig was an option.

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