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    Quote Originally Posted by Dino View Post
    Hi folks,
    I read this post a few weeks ago with interest as my boat is kept in a very leafy marina and it gets very green in the winter. I have a Broom with teak decks and I will also do my dads Dutch steel cruiser. I was wondering what the best application method is?
    I was thinking of waiting for a dry windless day and use a garden sprayer. Mix 4 to 1 and spray the whole superstructure and decks and allow to dry.
    Will that work okay?
    You don't specify if the boats are afloat or out in the boatyard. If they are on the water, do take care to avoid run off or spray drift - the active ingredient in all the chemicals we are discussing here is really bad for sea life till it has dried up and weathered for a while. On a boat that is in the water, I prefer to apply with a brush - less risk of run off.

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    I use a garden sprayer.
    You only need to wet the canvas or wet the GRP or Teak surface. On a calm day there is no or negligible run off.

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