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    Default Salt removal from wood

    Hi guys

    Anyone have a magic tip on removing saltwater from timber? I have some overhead cupboards in the galley and one of the windows has been leaking over the years, cracked the varnish and proceeded to intermittently wet a section of the timber.. I have removed the whole cupboard section now for stripping and revarnish.. but we have had a few damp days here and I have found because it's salt impregnated it's pulling moisture out of the air and wetting the timber. Id obviously like to get it sorted before varnish otherwise I'm just sealing it in and cannot fully varnish it so it's likely to pull water in still, swell and crack new varnish...

    Timber is a capping rail around the top of the cupboards, rounded and made from euro beech


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    Default Re: Salt removal from wood

    Want to do the same with a pair of oars, and have the same issue... hoping someone has some hints and tips!
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