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    Default Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    Hi Im bringing my boat back to the UK from the Med May 2020. im going around the coast and am thinking of lifting and leaving the boat for some months in Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain. Has anybody left there boat on the hard for a period of time at this marina?
    I stopped off here 7 years ago on my way to the Med and saw that it was a cheapish marina. My idea is to let the boat dry out for several months.

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    Default Re: Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    Unless the border moved drastically, that's in Portugal, not Spain.

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    Default Re: Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    We have friends who wintered there who say it's very safe on the hard but IIRC some sleep problems with loud fog horn.

    Several other places to dry out such as Bruce's at Faro or yards in Lisbon area, with better transport links to local airports.

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    Default Re: Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    I posted a reply to this thread a couple of days ago, but it has disappeared, along with one or two other replies!
    We kept our boat in Povoa from Autumn of 2010 to spring 2017, and we eventually had the dubious title of ‘longest stayers’.
    Our boat was ashore every Winter, due to her size and thus the marina insistence, as they had experience of fingers/pontoons being damaged when larger yachts remained during adverse swell conditions; a heavy swell can penetrate into the harbour and affect the first (Northern) pontoon, and even the second one can be rather uncomfortable in heavy swell conditions.

    There were two on site maintenance companies, but it may be that one (Tomane) no longer operates there. He has had for a few years an established company at Douro marina – Douro Yachts, although he will travel. I met him this Spring in Portimao where he and his team were re-decking two yachts with Flexiteak. The other on-site company is ‘Nautica Vaga’

    Unless things have changed , the boat lift is operated by the marina staff, with steel cradles being hired from one of the on-site companies. The yard is large, with room for around 100 boats of average size.

    Shower facilities are good, there are laundry facilities, and the marina staff are very friendly and helpful. Living on board is permitted ashore, and there is usually a liveabord community. There is a nightwatchman and thefts were infrequent.

    It is an easy 15 minute walk to the metro station and the airport can be reached with one change at Verdes, or you can go into Porto without changing.

    Prices are still very low, I believe, possibly the cheapest in Iberia.

    I could write a lot more, so if anyone has any specific questions, send me a pm and I would be pleased to try and answer.

    Oh yes, the loud foghorn on the North mole stopped several years ago - I have not heard that it has re-started as it was only an experiment anyway (long story)
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    Default Re: Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    My reply to this (or very similar) post has also disappeared.
    I overwintered ashore in 2013/14 and 2014/15.
    No problems and found the marina and yard staff helpful.
    Easy transport from airport.
    Good value food at yacht club.
    Needed to bring in a crane to demast (for a trip up the Douro) but for the basic liftout everything is is place.
    If/when I make it back to the Atlantic coast I'd be happy to stay there again.
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    Default Re: Marina da Povoa de Varzim Spain

    Another 'disappeared' here.
    I was there last winter.
    The good: easy to get to from Porto airport by tram or ridiculously cheap car hire (E3.50 total for 4 days), Reasonably well provisioned town. Staying aboard is not an issue and you get a mobile staircase to facilitate boarding. Plenty of boat owners around with get togethers and BBQs etc.
    Not so good: Storage is paid to marina but lifts and cradle managed by Nautica Vega. This company is run by a well intentioned, hard working guy but he seems very stressed and sometimes misses deadlines. He may have to build a cradle for you so give advanced notice. Electricity and water points are in short supply and have to be shared on a rota basis.
    The Bad: I got a rat on board and I know of at least one other boat that did. It is very exposed to storms on the hard, Hurricane Lesley made landfall when I was there though damage was minor. The harbour can close for weeks at a time in early season.

    With hindsight I would have stayed at Xufre, Ria d'Arousa which is only marginally more expensive, better sheltered and I have heard nothing but positive reports about the place.
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