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    Default Fairline Targa 40 saloon steps rebuild

    New thread but does link to previous thread

    The issue with my T40 was previous owner had modified the notorious slippery steps into saloon with some nice rubberised teak onlayed onto the standard stair finish. In principle a great addition as Id read and heard of accidents from falling down (and a further serious one this summer). However, the fabricators/installers had been liberal with the silicone and permanently sealed the stairs so they wouldnt open to use the bin. Some might say not an issue as the bin was so small anyway and they didnt lift high enough to actually put rubbish in the bin! Id managed to overcome this issue on purchasing the boat with lots of sharp blades!! The next problem was that one of the a/c units is underneath the stairs and they had to be unscrewed to gain access. Whilst Im UK based I still wanted to get the a/c serviced (and have used it many occasions surprisingly). So despite much advice esp from Jimmy JtB it became obvious that overcoming the silicone was going to or may well destroy the stairs. Further advice highlighted redesigning the stairs would overcome the issues above and make a significant improvement. Many thanks again to JtB for advice and this is my take on such designs which was installed at the start of this season as an intended beta version.

    T40 Stairs.JPG

    Cost of ply from B&Q being about 60, 12 coiled stop, reused hinges and some messing around with saws in garage produced what you can see in the montage. Ive now got a 50L bin under the top step, room for 4 bottles of red on the left, space for cans on the right and even a screwdriver/tools setup in front bin (these may not be too obvious in pic). Under the bin is a magnetic door and slot for bags of crisps and other snacks and even small crate of larger.
    Reducing steps from 4 to 3 making them slightly larger really helps footing. 11yr old daughter helped paint the pseudo teak styling though I couldnt decide between copying saloon floor plank effect or cockpit teak design hence the difference. 2 coats of basic wood stain made a pretty good transition to the standard oak furniture glossed finish.

    The 2 unit design can unscrewed, about 15 screws altogether, to access the a/c unit.

    Im particularly pleased and the plan this winter is to build a definitive set (now actual measurements are fully known) and round off the bottom step further as I left them squarish thinking this might be best for safety but does really make much difference. Have planned to source a vinyl effect teak for the final finish as per ..

    Am also planning to have a set cushion made for the middle step for when saloon crowded for watching a film on TV. See previous thread re saloon infill which works very well for my needs

    Hope this will be useful to others.
    Will update final result when done (dont hold your breath).

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    Default Re: Fairline Targa 40 saloon steps rebuild

    Your step up is quite high like mine and I hear you about slipping. Just a thought. I carpeted mine last winter and it's had several beneficial effects. The foremost and obvious one is you dont slip, the second as our cabin floors are carpeted it actually works as a great carpet saver if you have kids, dogs etc. Dont ask me where all the dust and dirt comes from, but come it does and the stairs trap it before entering the cabin. Being flat they are an easy quick source to clean and re-carpeting is a relatively straightforward and cheap option to what I was experiencing in having to replace the cabin carpet which is nether cheap nor easy, on a regular basis. (BTW. Kids and deep shag pile definitely don't work together on a boat)

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    Default Re: Fairline Targa 40 saloon steps rebuild

    Interesting thread and a good job.
    The steps on our S34 aren’t great and early in the season SWMBO went down them unintentionally swiftly, fracturing her clavicle, five ribs and crush fracturing a big toe so we are only too aware how bad they can be.


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