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    Default Re: Your boating history!

    One hole in the water...followed by several bigger ones ....

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    Default Re: Your boating history!

    First boat bought in 2000

    Princess 32
    Broom Ocean 37
    Fairline Targa 35
    Broom 41
    Sealine S34 (currently)

    Now thinking what the retirement boat will be and in line with some of the comments on the Future of Motor boating thread we are wondering whether a single engined mobo might be the way to go or alternatively a yacht or motor sailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy59 View Post
    Cobalt is your favourite then ?
    Actually Azimut 47 was the most loved one. But she was replaced by SS Manhattan 70 due to bigger space issues. Cobalt 276 is ideal size for my use here so no need for replacement came up.

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    Default Re: Your boating history!

    Start: 1982

    Sealine 195
    Sealine 255
    Sealine 290
    Sealine 330
    Sealine 420
    Sealine 420
    Sealine F42/5
    Sealine T47 First used boat
    Trader 42HT
    Trader 54 Current and almost certainly the last in the line.

    I would hate to tot up the purchase and running costs of that lot.

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    Fairline Corniche .
    Princess 388.

    Divorce !!!!

    Fairline corniche
    Princess 410
    Fairline Phantom 43. Sold 3 years ago.

    No boat =. Rally car .

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    Birchwood 370
    Sealine S42
    Prestige 42s (current boat)

    Loved all of them!!

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    Default Re: Your boating history!

    Scouts boats: Mirror, GP14, Canoe
    Windsurfing: Dufour Wing, Sailboard, Alfa 330
    Proper boats: Sea Ray 225, Sunbird 25, Sunline 31, Azimut 39, Ribeye 2.6, 2 Bare Feet SUP

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    ation, Loc: ation, Loc: ation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy_the_builder View Post
    First boating memory is being in a small open boat with my grandad in what must have been the early 70's. He belonged to the Shanklin Deep Sea Anglers club at the time so I guess it must have been a club boat. A few years later a family friend took us out in a dory in Devon, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. After that, I always had the idea that when I grew up I was going to get a boat.

    My own progression is
    1999-2004 Searay 180CB
    2004-2005 Regal 2450 LSC
    2005-2007 Fairline Targa 37
    Had a boatless year 2007-2008 while I was away for work
    2008-2009 Princess 42, the only new boat I've ever had, but didn't get on with it
    2009-2019 Fairline Targa 40, meant to be a short-term stop-gap boat after the P42 but turned out to be a fantastic craft and kept it for 10 years
    Past tense for the T40 noted J! I hope she brings as much pleasure to the new owner as she did for you. If you ever need a Fairline fix then I'm sure JFM, jrudge or I can oblige.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExplorerTarga52 View Post
    Gosh I hope Nicho isn't going to post all his boats on here as the doctor hasn't given me that long !!!

    Nauticus 27
    Birchwood 31
    Birchwood TS37
    Princess V42
    Fairline Targa 52
    Sorry Bob, but you asked for it!,

    Sea ray 240 Sundancer
    Sealine 255
    Sealine 310 Statesman
    Sealine 290
    Sealine F33
    Sealine S37
    Bavaria 36 sailing
    Sealine S37 (again)
    Sealine S41
    Sealine S48
    Gibsea 33 sailing
    Cranchi 39 Endurance
    Bavaria 34 sailing.

    All in 26 yearsI

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    Default Re: Your boating history!


    Rowing - 8s and single sculls
    Sunfish (I think it was called. Lateen rig. Easier to walk on water than sail upwind)
    Enterprise x2
    Windsurfer (Ten Cate original)

    Large gap caused by competing sources of expenditure until my late 30's; then:

    Jeanneau Fantasia (2001-6)
    Sunseeker Porofino 31 (2006-7)
    Aquastar 33 (2007-14)

    Boatless since...

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