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    Default Your Boating History!

    Having been surprised by the number of boats Motor Boaters have owned See HERE
    Am I unusual in only having 3 boats in over 40 years?
    I owned a 16ft Dory style mobo which I dived from
    A 23ft Swin Ranger for 17 years
    and my current 33ft Colvic Countess for 20 years
    How many sailing boats have you owned?
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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Just over 35 years of sailing and I have owned 2 boats.
    I started as a paying guest on a private charter boat, then crewed for deliveries, always on the same boat. Graduated from delivery crew to an agreement to hire that boat for holidays and finally bought the boat when circumstances forced the owner to sell. So I bought a Rival 34 I had sailed from new and kept her for 11 years. Then moved to my present Starlight 39.
    Cruising area in those 35 years: between Bergen, Norway and Vigo, Galicia and the Outer Hebrides. Also crossed from the Azores to Halifax.
    Hoping to keep the boat and do some more longer cruises when retired.

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    About 50 years of sailing, 5 boats (excluding numerous different tenders), 1. Mirror dinghy.., 2. Leisure 17.., 3, Foxterrier 22,.., 4. Invicta 26.., 5, current Sadler 25.

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Since 1970


    -one Carter 30, one Anderson 22


    Caricraft 10, Scorpion, Int 14, Dart 18, Osprey, Contender
    Anderson 22 Owners Association - For info please ask here or PM me.

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Started sailing late in life-mid fifties-and purchased a third share in a Hunter 27 OOD.
    First Mate was made redundant and with her large payout we purchased a GibSea 96-lovely boat. Sold the Hunter share, seriously upgraded the GibSea-Coppercoat, radiator central heating, roller furling and electrics.
    Before getting ANY benifit from these improvements we had a senior moment and fell in love with a beautiful Island Packet 350. Kept and sailed extensively for seven years before changing to our present boat, an Island Packet SP Cruiser.
    We also purchased a cheap steel Hartley 32 in Wellington Harbour to use as accommodation when visiting the Grandchildren and family. Now bought up to a reasonable standard and sailed in the harbour frequently. Can be used as a crash pad for visitors if required.
    So, five sailing boats in 17 years, still got the last two and enjoying them.
    Just leaving to visit the Hartley, need to collect some stored stuff from her now we are back in Wellington.

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Locally made speed boat in Turkey, mid 90s, then a Hardy Pilot for 10 years before buying our current Bavaria 38 10 years ago. Also own a Hurley 18 as a project boat and money pit.....

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    In 42 years,

    International Moth, National 12, OK, Laser, Leisure 23SL (last 15 years).

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Didn't get to actually own a boat until I was in my 30s (1980s), or one with a lid until my 40s.

    Firefly dinghy;
    Shipmate Dayboat (16'3" lift keeler with v. basic cuddy/cabin);
    Hurley 22;
    Express Pirate (17'3" bilge keeler);
    Samphire 23 (shoal draft long-keeler);
    LM27 (saily motor-sailer, long-keel).

    All except the Firefly have been cruised extensively.

    I won't mention the Leisure 17 I bought, but sold on before I'd launched it (but not before moving it abroad and between several different houses!), and the Samphire 26 sitting in the garden.
    LM Owners Association

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Firefly 1671 circa 1960-70
    Cirrus 22' Westerly, 1971-73, children grew too big
    Mystere 26 1973-1987
    Sadler29 1987-1999
    HR 34 2000- the future
    Far away is near at hand in images of elsewhere

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    Default Re: Your Boating History!

    Owned or 50% owned in 40 odd years:-
    Enterprise dinghy
    Balaton (24 i think it was). (from Hungary)
    Rival 36.
    Bowman 40.
    Shetland 18.
    Parker 20 trailer sailer.
    Princess 420.
    Princess V50.
    Beneteau 473.
    Beneteau 323 lift keel. currently.
    Tempest 470 rib. currently.
    Never bothered to list them before. I daren't add up the money I've lost in depreciation over the years in case the wife reads this. Doubt I'll be buying anymore now.

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