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    Default Charter UK - France / Portugal

    Dear All,

    I am currently looking at travelling from the UK to France / Portugal in the next two weeks.

    Are there any owners who would skipper their vessel with all costs covered by me? I know its a bit of a long shot buy worth a try.

    I have some experience with boats - My old man did the Cape to Rio a few times as a kid and we lived on yachts when I was younger.

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Charter UK - France / Portugal

    Can you tell us a bit more about this unusual request?
    Most people will be very wary, wondering why you don't use the ferry.
    To cover all expenses would cost more than the ferry.
    Travel by yacht depends on the weather, no dates can be guaranteed.
    Yachts are relatively uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, yacht skippers never sail with unknown random strangers on board.
    If you are cagey, or reticent about yourself and your reasons for asking, everyone is almost certain to assume you are a criminal, or a lunatic.
    "Now shall the gentleman haul and draw with the mariner"
    John Hawkins


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