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    Default Re: Upgrading ICC upto 10m to ICC over 10m........economically?

    Thanks for the replies.
    I will investigate the assessment only route as well as the French Permit option.....however I may not have to!!
    Prompted by the other posts I have dug out what old certificates that I can find.
    1) A very plain (looks like I knocked it up myself..(I didn't)) cert from 1996 confirming that I successfully completed the ICC catagories or size mentioned.
    2) A Powerboat level 2 cert from 2011. It looks the bussiness and no mention of lengths. It was a replacement issued by the RYA for one I had in the late 90's but lost it. I have relied on it for recent trips to France in our 25fter. Don't recall having to produce it though other than to rent a 17ft sports boat once.
    3) An ICC from 2006 (expired 2011 so yes, 5 years) that has power up to 10m and power up to 24m confirmed.

    According to the RYA web site It would appear that I can use item 3) to make a renewal application which will automatically have my old catagories included. Doesn't mention if the previous cert has to be current.
    I will give it a go and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Upgrading ICC upto 10m to ICC over 10m........economically?

    If it makes it easier, the French permit no longer has a test at the end of the course, and of course English courses are available. While there is no limit on boat size, the permit will only allow you to go six miles off shore
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