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    Default Emissions Regulations

    Strange to see only one builder (Viking) speaking about this, whose share in this size of the market is very small.

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    Default Re: Emissions Regulations

    There’s an inevitability of fitting some sort of scrubbers to MY s .
    Sensibly the threshold size with this tech is reasonable .
    As the tech shrinks vol wise it will trickle down the size scale .

    As for older none scrubber boats regardless of size .
    Two thoughts .
    Scrubber only boat zones , so the if want to boat in theses waters either retro fit ( if possible) or buy a boat that meets those local requirements = waiting list , builders making hay or boaters packing in ?

    As a PR excerise to political greens at least it looks like someone is twitching a muscle in the right direction . We can’t be seen to being exempt from the diesel diesease and kill the planet theory even if leisure boats account for 0000000000000.1 % of the problem .

    “ we are in this planet thing together “

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    Default Re: Emissions Regulations

    The biggest challenge to exhaust after treatment will be the fuel quality. These will need auto quality low sulphur fuels, not readily. The engine manufacturers have all he tech to make clean diesels, but only with clean fuels, but these will be expensive and will have packaging challenges. The tech will not be retro fitted to old engines, as the fuel metering and injection systems require different combustion chamber designs, very high pressure fuel pumping and electronic sensing and metering.


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