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    Default RYA Safety Boat Course - what an eye opener!

    Hi all,

    What a year! Has been so busy, setting up a new business, and working on my power boating skills with the local sea scouts volunteering.

    Recently got the opportunity to do RYA Safety Boat Course, 2 days, and a good price, so me and hubby jumped at it, we both have a years experience, and updating my log finally, shocked I have 37.5 hours on the water! Felt naively confident…!

    Got to say, my life, what a tough course, the entire weekend, constantly observed, marked and feedback, sometimes quite brutal. But I can now tie a bowline blindfolded… tested a few times!

    Sunday afternoon was what hit me, brought back the lifesaver inside me, I was previously qualified as a lifeguard at the age of 15! My task was to rescue an Argo capsized with the sailer entangled in the rigging and unconscious. Yay!

    I knew she was pretending(sticking up her middle finger hinted she was in control slightly) but once we went to task, and my crew lifted the sail for me to grab and get her and I saw her, it just kicked in, I dropped to my knees like I was 15 again (needed crutches for a few days, forgot I have an ACL reconstruction!), she did give me brownie points for it.

    Got her untangled, on the boat safely, and then it hit me. That was our final exercise of the weekend, and I did it book perfect.

    But walking to the boat house, I realised, I am not ready, for the responsibility, no way, not yet.

    Average Friday night with our unit, we have 60 kids in the water, in a variety of 10 topaz, a few Argos, and up to maybe 10 power boats, and 3 row boats, all buggering off in different directions on Tidal Thames, close to the shipping lane.

    After handling a knocked out sailer, the responsibility of their life on my shoulders…… not yet thanks! Didn’t hit me till then.

    Walking up to the boat house at the end of the course, I knew I was not ready, and when it came to my debrief in front of 5 instructors, I told them so, they agreed, I need to work on my confidence, the “believe in me and my ability”, they all agreed I know how to, I just need to believe in me. I did everything as I should have, but I am lacking the “I really know what I am doing” inside.

    We agreed, I have passed, but now we are working to get me certified, so I can be of use to the unit! lol.

    So glad I have done it, and so glad I did not get certified. Such an intensive course, was absolutely drained at the end.

    If you are thinking of doing it, honestly it is worth it, found it such an eye opener.


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    Default Re: RYA Safety Boat Course - what an eye opener!

    Well done you, feel free to be around should I get into trouble!
    See the rainbow not the rain

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    Default Re: RYA Safety Boat Course - what an eye opener!

    Certainly one of the most practical, fun and satisfying course for powerboaters. Not just those involved with training but everyone on the water.

    Out west.... (or in the office)

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    Default Re: RYA Safety Boat Course - what an eye opener!

    There's a lot of people in the leisure world who are anti formal training, but it does give a different view and insights on dealing with things both routine and potential emergencies. I don't think it should be compulsory, although it is now here based on age to comply.

    Also you can share your experiences and ideas with others over dinner and drinks sometimes I was really disappointed on my last STCW course of 5 days to satisfy the USCG as they don't recognize any other countries training, no one wanted to go out and socialize even once - that included people staying in the same hotel.



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