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    Default Cranchi 41 Endurance owners

    Hello to all,

    During the next week I am expecting by road transfer my new (to me) boat from Croatia, it is a 2005 Cranchi 41 Endurance, with twin Volvo D6 350 fully loaded.

    The boat was surveyed and all procedures have been made. There are few issues to resolve (nothing serious) upon arrival and I will be on the water soon after that.

    After a short search in the forums I see there are not many owners of this specific model. I understand the reason, given that the 41 Endurance is a MED oriented boat, which is something I was looking for. You see here in Greece we spend most of our time outside, enjoying the sun and the hot weather, which is actually more than 6 months per usual year.

    I was wondering, are there any 41 Endurance owners in here so we can exchange knowledge?

    Thank you in advance,

    Nick 1150 from Athens
    2005 Cranchi 41 Endurance

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    Default Re: Cranchi 41 Endurance owners

    Not an owner but used to own a 3.55 M beam boat in the Med so was on a berth that size .Ours was the Sunseeker Portofino 35 .
    Our neighbours boats were 2x Cranchi 41 ,s and two Windy 40 Bora .All could fit into less than 3.55 M beam .
    The Cranchi seemed to wear well and the cockpit although a bit longer seemed a bit cramped table wise due to the tender garage .How ever the sun pad on top seemed a better idea then mine .
    Both the Windy and Cranchi were faster than mine .The Windys I think edged it build quality wise and had the smoothest ride at speed .
    I had to often slow down because of slamming in the Sunseeker the Windy and Cranchi could press on in the same waves .
    I had less to zero hassle with the older KAD 300 s ( less Hp hence slower boat ) the other 4 were always calling engineers with there D6 DPG ,s and having to empty the tender garages to gain proper access .
    We all basically used them as day boats to go out and swim / sunbath .
    Although they were perfectly fine to away on trips .Mine had a generator and Aircon and a small folding passerelle.
    Not sure if the others had Aircon .3 of them were locals and went home every night , one Cranchi was owned by a Hungarian group of lads so they used to stay on it ....sometimes a guy sleeping on the rear sun pad in the open air .

    3.55 m beam was a standard berth width once in the Med so builders made boats to fit .
    Theses days many old berth sizes have been lost because many marinas have reshuffled the bollards to accommodated the trend for wider boats .....more volume etc .

    Anyhow good luck with it and the outdoor life .

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    Default Re: Cranchi 41 Endurance owners

    We used to own the earlier version of your boat, the Endurance 39 and had ten years of enjoyment in the Med with it. Relatively basic fit-out but structurally absolutely sound and we had very few problems with the boat over the whole time we owned it. Not sure about the 41 but the quality of the cockpit upholstery in the 39 surprised us and it still looked perfect after ten years of Med use.The teak on the bathing platform was a very thin veneer and had to be replaced.
    The boat is still in the same marina having had a couple of owners and is now used for charter but looks in remarkably good condition and visually hasn’t dated badly.


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