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Sure I know the true seadog uses a bucket and rinses off, but maybe in a Marina in the North of England it isn't so great. Most boats in my budget don't have showers. I don't mind - I'm used to bucket showers! So my question is, I can I just use a bucket in the head - does the water go into the Bilge and can then be pumped out? Or are the heads in yachts usually 'wet' rooms anyway?


The sorts of boat you are looking at you won't want to consider a shower even if some optimist fitted one.

Takes far too much water, you may have as little as 10 galls in the tank. Your bucket and flannel might only use a few pints.
There will hardly be enough room for a dwarf - even 40ft boats are pokey in this respect
You will be too cold.
As said, any dodgy water in the bilge will stink
Plus, the last thing you need is any excess water below decks

When you reach the sunny south, showering on deck becomes the thing and the black shower bags mentioned are good.