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    Default Re: Tender 4 Stroke Outboard Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by ctva View Post
    I should say that I have the owner and full service manuals for the Yamaha 2.5.

    I’m looking for thoughts on the usual recommendations from the manufacturers on their own oil being the only one suitable.

    Thanks for all the comments above and the info.

    Yamaha dont say that!

    In the latest owners manuals they say the recommended oil is ..... "Yamalube 4M TC-W or 4 stroke outboard motor oil" ............. They then list suitable SAE and API grades
    In older manuals they only say a 4 stroke outboard motor oil and list suitable grades

    They do not however suggest that an automotive oil is suitable.

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    Default Re: Tender 4 Stroke Outboard Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian_Edwards View Post
    I've just changed the oil on my Suzuki DF2.5, using the manufactures recommended oil, Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-40, NMMA certified FC-W. The W variant has been specially formulated for marine use.

    Someone somewhere has gone to the trouble of developing oil to the FC-W spec' and the manufacturer recommends it.

    I've no way of knowing whether using the manufactures recommended oil make much difference in the long term, but I figure that the manufacturers don't make any money out of selling oil, but they are interested in the reliability of their engines and their reputation, which is critical to there long term success.

    The marginal cost difference of using the recommended oil, when considering the overall cost of boat ownership is insignificant. 0.38L of oil once a year isn't going to break the bank.

    I also don't relish the prospect of having a long row into a head wind, because the outboard has seized.

    I think I'll be sticking to the manufactures recommendation.
    I don't know that anyone exactly 'develops' oil to these specs, there are plenty of good oils out there, it's a matter of putting it through some tests to get the accreditation. The tests can't be cheap, (seems to involve running in a new 110HP outboard!) so it will bump the price of the oil.
    As you say it's only 0.38l of oil, but TBH if it's a relatively new motor that you care about, I'd consider changing it more than once a year. The Yamalube branded stuff is only about a tenner a litre in a big can.

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    Default Re: Tender 4 Stroke Outboard Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Harry View Post
    because others have offered the relevant oil grade info, ( what ever you use in car or lawn mower )
    What I have read above is, for the most part, opinion and anecdote. I would assume that the OP has asked for specific advice regarding the correct viscosity and other relevant specifications and that the obvious place to find such information would be in the owners manual for his particular engine. For my part I would not just put in any old oil I had lying around in my garage or garden shed.

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    Default Re: Tender 4 Stroke Outboard Oil

    Itís always a touchy subject, an oil thread. Lots of opinions...fact is that Iím not aware of an engine ever failing as a result of the wrong grade of oil, within reason. Wonít go wrong with the yamalube recommendation or the rock oil MP4. Must admit Iím a fan of using marine grade oil in marine engines. Why wouldnít you. Itís not that much dearer and certainly contains additives to suit the Marine environment and infrequent use.

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