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    On the Clipper yachts each watch have 2 helmets. These are worn for mast work at sea and when someone has to go over when trying to recover a MOB. In both cases the movement, of the hull or mast, is not particularly predictable and head protection essential (as anyone who has been up a mast at sea will confirm). The helmet, harness, spare carabiners, tool bucket, gloves and jumars are all stored in one 'mast' bag.

    Most marinas will not allow mast work on the hard - which then means the yacht is in the water - even the wash from a passing vessel can make mast work hazardous.

    We carry a helmet for mast work

    As an aside - hats with peaks, like baseball caps, I find a nuisance and cut the peak off. I thus wear a skull cap (?) and sometimes a beanie - peaks demand you need to move your head too far in order to monitor sail trim.

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    A Bump Cap will add less height to your head than a Wooly Hat.
    Not much more than a Baseball cap

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