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    Default Re: Best setup for Antares Charts?

    Oh I forgot they have a single option!

    You can "install" in two machines and "use" on the machines at the same time. No internet is required to use them. Internet is required to activate the licence.

    I know what you mean about the website. I think they are Spanish (so English not first language) which doesn't help with the feeling you might be about to sell a kidney to a Russian in exchange for a half drunk bottle of vodka. It's that they are better at creating charts than websites. If you want a better website the product cost might quadruple!!

    So, with the standard "install" you basically get two sets of charts. One plus a spare. Up to you how you use the spare. Either a "pure" backup or a second install on another machine (e.g. RasPi aboard and windows Laptop at home for passage planning).

    With the dongle - you get one stick. It moves around as much as you want. But only one stick so can only use in one place at a time.

    Lost license: the license is actually a file on the PC confirming that PC (or RasPi etc) and that disk (or SDcard etc) are allowed to use the charts. If the license gets damaged (drive failure) you can use the backup license to "reinstall"... This is not a oeSENC issue... oeSENC is stable. The issue is ropey hard drives/sd cards...

    The other question people have is the subscription length. 1year gets you 6monthly updates if I recall correctly and then after 1year the chart keeps working but no new updates. You'd need to check if you can activate the backup license after the year ... I don't think so...

    With the dongle ... As long as the dongle doesn't break you can use it anywhere for as long as you want. Updated for a year.

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    Default Re: Best setup for Antares Charts?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpedw View Post
    That's about it. But so far you are the only CPN -friendly respodent, and you don't sound so sure ... I was hoping for a few unequivocal Yes or Nos. Answers so far seem to indicate I need to improve my MM skills.


    Better late than never .. I use OpenCPN on Raspberry Pi and an Android phone, both with Antares.

    Zooming in and out and swapping between charts is straightforward. For example, you can use your general vector charts, but if you are in the vicinity of an Antares chart you will see a red outline. Change the chart view by selecting one of the coloured blocks at the bottom of the screen (on PC and Pi; IIRC Android has a separate menu). Vector is typically yellow or brown, raster (Antares) charts usually usually pale purple or blue; multiple blocks are available if multiple charts are available.

    If "chart quilting" and "preserve scale.." are enabled, Antares charts are overlaid over the vector chart, so you can see the bigger picture.

    The attached image shows four charts are available, three of which are Antares (or other raster, shown in lilac) and the yellow is for vector .. clicking on the yellow button will bring the vector chart to the front; clicking one of the other buttons will overlay that chartlet's image.
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