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    Default Charts and Pilot for Eastern Iceland

    Charts for SE/E/NE Iceland - any or all of 57/62/63/72/73 and 74

    Also a recent edition of the RCC/Imray Arctic Pilot

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    Default Re: Charts and Pilot for Eastern Iceland

    I'm hanging on to mine I'm afraid, so not v helpful - sorry!

    But, with regard to the pilot, I bought the RCC Arctic pilot as soon as it came out in 2014 and found its info for Iceland rather poor and out of date. Wally Kerr's original was excellent, but the 'updates' for 2014 seem to have been just some out-of-context holiday snaps. Instead, we found the free (to members) pilot for Iceland, Faeroes and Greenland on the CA website much more up to date. It has been re-issued for 2019.
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