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    Default Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    Does anyone know if the 914 (or the new 1200) is any better balanced than the 913 used to be. I had the 913 on a previous boat and at sea (at sea, at sea that is not in sheltered waters) it spun around it's vertical axis all the time, owing, I believe, to it's nose being heavier than its tail. This was enough to stop it producing anything useful in a quartering f 5 -6. There are several posts indicating the same although none that I can find that are recent.
    I've twice tried to talk to someone sensible at Marlec but just get the sales pitch that it's fine, it's not an issue, however I don't believe that the sales girl understands what I'm talking about. Someone was supposed to phone me back but never did. Twice.
    I had been debating fitting one but suspect I'll see if I can manage with some PV panels on the guard rails. I've been fairly disappointed with the feedback I've had from Marlec because apart from the 914 issue when I've asked other questions they've just sent me pdfs from the website rather than explaining, as I'd asked, the differences between MPPT / PWM etc,
    Anyway if anyone has used the 914 / 1200 out of sheltered waters I'd be grateful for feed back.

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    Default Re: Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    I would buy Solar Panels if I were you. They are silent and effective.

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    Default Re: Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    I had a 913, and stupidly when it disintegrated in a gale, I replaced it with a 914i. It gave all sorts of grief. Eventually, Marlec admitted that although the output from the 914i was substantially greater than the 913, the brush gear was the same, and proved to be inadequate. They took the unit back, and sent me a new unit with newly designed and upgraded brush gear. I had had enough, so I added another solar panel, and sold the 914i. I have never regretted doing so.

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    Default Re: Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    I extended the fin on my Rutland and it helped it be more directionally stable in sloppy seas. Been running continuously now since 2010 and quiet and producing as it should. I have always found Marlec staff particularly helpful.

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    Default Re: Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    I'm guessing that the main differences between the 913 and 914i are:

    1) Nose cone to help smooth out airflow
    I imagine it is just an empty shell and unlikely to affect balance much. It is also in front of the pivot point where any weight or additional thrust from passing air would actually make things worse.

    2) Additional electronics, probably a type of MPPT controller
    It should improve output at low wind speed but there's not a lot of energy there anyway. Output should be better but it isn't exactly going to challenge average output from solar panels in an average summer.

    3) Modified tail fin
    It looks a bit bigger and extends a bit further back. I imagine that this will help with the balance issue, it certainly won't make it worse. My gut feeling is that it will still be nose heavy when heeled in lighter wind and still spin. I could be wrong.

    I have had a 913 for many years and immediately noticed it spinning around the pole when sailing. It didn't take a genius to work out that the heavy fixed magnets in front of the pivot point would make it want to point downhill when heeled. It is very nose heavy when I lower the pole for removal. The fin isn't able to overcome this tendency if windspeed is too low and angle of heel too high.

    I leave a short piece of light line hanging through the hole in the fin. It is useful to pull the blades away from the wind if I ever need to stop it producing power in a gale and need to tie it off. I often attach another line to this and tie that down slightly to one side on the pushpit when beating. It is tight enough to keep the 913 generally pointing in the right direction and slack enough to allow it to continue working on each tack. It does prevent the unwanted rotation, keeps the blades rotating and actually generates some electricity.
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    Default Re: Marlec Rutland 914 1200 balance

    I've had my 913 spinning since 2001.
    I have moved the tail fin back by a couple of inches and run a short cord from the tail fin and looped the other end around the pole so I can arrest the WG.
    My WG is mounted on my mizzen and the only time I get rotation problems is when I'm running or with a light wind on the quarter and I have the mizzen up, then I hook the cord and point the WG in the right direction.
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