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    Default Re: 3 solar controllers to one battery bank?

    Many solar charge controllers are designed for applications like illuminated signs where there is a load every night, and a predictable size of sealed battery. Also the solar panel size is usually adequate to always fully charge the battery under 90+ % of weather conditions.
    They are pretty cude but work well when used as intended.
    My remarks were not specific to solar charge controllers, but 'smart' charge controllers generally.

    Many, if not most, yacht systems are a long way from the assumptions you'd make when designing a generic charger.
    How many of us have sufficient panel power to reliably charge at the ten-hour rate?

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    Default Re: 3 solar controllers to one battery bank?

    I was referring to good quality “smart” MPPT solar controllers from well respected brands. Even very expensive controllers such as the Outback FM60 that was fitted to my previous yacht (generally) work in the manner I have suggested.

    The charging algorithim does a reasonable job of charging batteries of disparate states of charge. There is no need to charge at a specific rate, but it us helpful to adjust the absorption time from the default value when setting up the controller.
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