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    Default Motor Boat transport

    Hi peeps,I have just had some sad news that my best friend has died,he was going to captain a future boat purchase from Holland to Gt Yarmouth.
    Does anyone have a roughish estimate for bringing it over by lorry, or point me in the direction of a good delivery skipper

    TIA Craig

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    Very sorry for your loss.

    What sort of boat is it and when are you thinking it will need bringing over? The N. Sea during the winter months can be a little unpleasant at times but with planning it is doable if you want to bring it across on its own bum. We are Broads based and have done Holland a couple of times. If you want a professional delivery skipper then Halcyon is a member on here

    As for road transport costs I would be guesstimating - 12m boats from N. Ireland to East Anglia have cost us sub-£2k but I suspect Holland may be a bit more given the longer ferry passage. Tico of this parish has just done it so will have a far better idea what the costs are!
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    Default Re: Motor Boat transport

    paid 1.5k from zwollen to essex all in 2017 26ft mobo

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    Just waiting in lay-bys for Lorry to arrive. The ones to talk to in Holland are vande Wetering. Great guys vey professional


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