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    I have to admit that Iím a bit addicted to seeing what pleasure yachts are on passage between Dover, Gib, and into the med. What Iíve noticed recently is the procession of super yachts coming out of the med and turning left and heading for the Caribbean for the European winter. All typically Cayman island or Malta flagged. Lucky b#ggers.

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    Not just superyachts - the Atlantic between Africa and the Caribbean is simply awash with pink blobs on the Marinetraffic site as hundreds of yachts of all types and sizes make their way westwards.
    Quite a large bunch of them are in the ARC.
    Have a look at
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    Here is a useful guide to Barbados -

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    Yeah the Canarian marinas have been rammed again this year with yachts preparing for the crossing. Lots still left to go.

    Have seen a few superyachts passing by, generally earlier leavers to get into the charter boat shows and do the early bookings.

    Got friends on two yachts crossing now, one commercial. Following them on predictwindoffshore.

    I did my this years transat in January to March so I can relax and watch the fun now!


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