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    Default Help me raise money

    At work we are all raising money for Children on The edge –
    We have various white boards around the office to write ideas up on how to raise money.
    Now the question is how can I raise money using my boat????
    I have 4 people at work who would be interested – but we can’t think of any ideas?

    Any ideas then!!!??


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    Default Re: Help me raise money

    I auctioned off a days sailing at the school fete last year. Didn't make much but was worth a try.

    Since the money went to the school & I made nothing, it wasn't considered as a charter but just the same as if I'd taken a few mates out for the day. Hence no need to be coded etc. I checked this out before hand with the RYA legal guys.
    I always wanted to learn to spell "engineer". Now I are wun.

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    Default Re: Help me raise money

    Not thinking of a RTW record attempt then?


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