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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

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    Since there seem to be a few contributors who don't read the full thread, I will add here that I have a Long Range Certificate, two VHF radios, an emergency antenna, a legal SSB, three EPIRBs, a full set of flares, enough lifejackets and thethers for 8 crew, two horseshoe lifebuoys, and a SOLAS liferaft. But I respect the rights of others to go to sea in a bathtub from B&Q if that is their wish [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Your just being greedy with all that kit [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

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    Your just being greedy with all that kit [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    [/ QUOTE ]To be honest, the previous owner had done the ARC and a circumnavigation via Panama and the Pacific so he had lots of kit. I've had to learn how to push all the buttons to make use of it all. I forgot to mention the Inmasat mini-M satphone, which is how we would alert Falmouth once out of Sea Area A1 - I have Falmouth's number stored and dialling instructions on the phone so even a 7 year old could make a distress call that way.

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    Default No insurance ....

    How are you going to get a mooring ?? No sailing Club / Marina / Harbour Authority will give you a mooring without 3rd Party cover.

    Ok then you buy a Trailer Sailer ..... hope you like sailing nowhere .... as you shouldn't tie up to anywhere under Harbour Masters / Marina / Sailing Club jurisdiction .... don't believe me - ask and ye shall be told !!

    As to Insurance Co. req't to carry a VHF ......... never heard that one before ...... but then again like most haven't read all small print !! But find it hard to believe ....

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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

    Quote....I personally wouldn't sail without VHF - but Eric Hiscock didn't have a problem sailing around the world without a radio and who would question his seamanship?.........
    Such also was the case with Eric Taberly....never believed in radio nor lifejackets, made many succesful solo round the world trips, however whilst enroute to Largs with his beautiful "Fyfe" yacht crossing the Bristol Channel with an inexperianced crew he was knocked overboard by the boom....with no radio his crew could not summon help and many valuable hours were lost before the distress was relayed to the CG....the resultant late search was fruitless............but then I guess that was Eric would have wanted..


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    Default Wide audience ....

    Mobile phone ..... sorry for the pun - but its correct : One to One ....

    VHF .... one to many

    Now lets look at how that helps .... taking an incident that again I was involved in .... blimey - I have to pick another activity !!!

    Approaching Cowes harbour ..... group of Jet Skis coming out ... a two seat job side swipes my boat when he misjudges his stupid trick turn etc. swamps water all over cockpit, into cabin etc., my wife is nearly over the side .... I call CG and report the Jet Ski and because its on VHF ... it turns out that he did it to other boats and then literally a series of boats report his progress across the solent ...... to Lee on Solent.

    I do not know if he was apprehended or not but the point is that all knew to watch out for this lunatic, without me having to get another to relay my message ...... it was plain to all.

    Again I ask Das Boot - are you really serious ????

    OK on to a point that Mike Martin will wish I did not mention ... !! Fitting of VHF equipment is governed by Ship Radio Station Licence ... required. Obtainable without Operators Licence ... fill in form with Ship details and bobs the proverbial. Use of VHF is governbed by Ship Operators Licence - a different matter altogether. Now if a person uses the VHF for emergency purpose, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to check whether an Operator Licence is held or not. I cannot remember the actual words - but there is something about use of the apparatus under the guidance of a Licenced operator the exception in Emergency situation ...

    Now the interesting thing is that many persons who CREW on boats have a licence ... so now we get interesting situation that you may find yourself 'legal' albeit in a bit of a grey area ....

    Anyway - I still think its a prat who doesn't take advantage of free air-time and the advantage in safety issues .... I hate the thing with its Radio Check punters in solent etc. - but will not be without it.

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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

    [ QUOTE ]

    By the way with mordern phones you can send the CG a picture of your injury try do that with a VHF

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Only if the CG has a compatible phone.........

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    Default I think that this is a wind up ...

    Das Boot is after the thread record ..... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

    Interesting about Taberley - I knew he was lost overboard but didn't know about the aversion to VHF or lifejackets. I share Mirelle's hatred of the incessant chatter of the VHF but I just keep mine turned way down or off if it's a particularly inane day. I could never chuck it away - I often sail with crew and I feel too responsible for their fate to do without such an obvious safety aid.

    For the same reason I carry a liferaft - don't go with all this macho rubbish about drowning like a gentleman - enjoy living too much.

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    Default Re: Wide audience ....

    If some one who knows his stuff, bought the T-shirt and so forth, decides that a particular bit of kit is not for him then fine, he is equiped to make the choice. Das Boot is not. He clearly "doesn't get it" and should be nailed to a tree until he learns better.
    On my boat I have fixed VHF and two hand held sets(not DSC which I don't see a need for) Mobile phone (turned off), Code flags plus extra large N and C, standard flare kit plus Verey pistol and 40 flares, signal mirror and a loud voice, and, because the price went down to 299 , an Epirb!
    I have used vhf to help the RNLI help others and to whistle up non-rnli help for me. I would not leave home without it,,,,,,,,

    IanW .
    Vertue 203, Patience

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    Default Re: Been there, done that thing

    You may be right about Hiscock having VHF later but I think it must have been as late as Wanderer 5. I read an account of his voyage up the Pacific coast of Nth America in Wanderer 4, coast hopping in company with another boat, and I'm sure he referred to his lack of a radio but I don't have the book to hand to check- I must have lent it to some untrustworthy Scuttlebut type :-)

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