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    Default great book from Santa...

    of 3 sailing books Santa brought me this year - I've got to say "A Voyage for Madman" is truly superb.

    It's about the 1968/69 Golden Globe race and although I've read many individual accounts this is the first one I've seen about the race as a whole and the competitors. It goes into enough detail about Crowhurst, Knox-Jonhson etc but in no great technical detail.

    Did you know that Chay Blyth had only sailed 6 miles on his own when he set off to race around the world non-stop single handed ? Incredible, that's the disatance from my mooring to the harbour entrance!!

    Anyway, it's by Peter Nicols who wrote "Sea Change" and it's well worth getting - chosing between reading it or sleeping on the Eurostar from the Alps last night the book won!


    Roger Holden

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    Default Re: great book from Santa...

    Thanks for the tip Roger - sounds like great winter reading !

    Unfortunately I got no books from Santa this year . I am instead trying to get to grips with the latest ear and nasal hair 'groomer' that could have been a decent boaty book.


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