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    Default Re: Postage Charges incredable

    We have a fixed rate upto 20kg arrangement for France, we charge at cost at £28. odd.

    If you had the manifold sent to me, and biught some electronics at the same time, I'd put it all in one box!!

    marine electrics & electronics

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    Default Re: Postage Charges incredable

    The landrover manifold went last year, when parcel force wanted £18, and DHL used by the unpleasent supplier,finally was reduces from £48 to £20 and arrived the next day anyway--but again we wernt in a hurry.

    As a dealer you should? see the problem your Garmim GPS 72 with marin pack,holder 12v cabel. costs £147.95. plus £28 to France!!=no sale

    Garmin72 marin pack in Zurich, just by the station 289sfr and would send for 9sfr!

    Garmin72 marin pack in France (can find the link as firefox updared and i lost my extentions,so my bookmarks are a mess)191Euros+7Euros corrier delivery

    From Holland,Kiel and Demark all are asking around£130/135 +normal euro post tarif!

    I wanted a clipper duo depth/log Autohelm 1000 with free keypad orTP10 £20 less VHF fixed,as well.

    I looked in the UK and found the postal charges to high,and in a lot of case the true price hidden eg.

    The Garmin72 looks a good price untill you go to pay then the VAT+ P&P.

    makes your price a a bargin,and your price clearly says incVAT!

    In another case a supplier of NASA who "Offers the lowest price" and had a special super discount on the clipper duo cost £9 more than the full list price in the compass catalog??? all very odd i thought shops would ask more than online stores???

    Very kind of you to offer but thanks to this link i have found reliable ways to send packets to Europe at a more moderate cost.

    The item i was speaking of has been sent the supplier,who had been shocked when told the price of postage to Sweden,has found an affordable alternative,and ill fit the item when i arrive there.

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