i spoke with simon keeling at weatheronline who says that this coming week is rubbish cos too windy but that the following week could be high pressure and slight winds in the bay - ideal stuff. The week after that (10th is again showing sw airflow over the bay) so wd probaly NOT go that week, as things stand

Crew-wise, i dunno if an early departure is? No pressure, lemme know.

Boatwise, twill be back in the water on the thursday so it shd really have some whizzing around to make sure it is ok. Discussion on this i spose is valid too. Tho the new engine has had benchtests so shd be ok really.

antibes berthwise er not sure - i said they could have it till 17th april but this wd mean arriving a whole week earlier. I cd probly sort summink tho so this not a major factor.