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    Default cascover queries

    I am considering buying a boat that has been cascovered since new. She is now approaching 40 years old and I am wondering how cascover has held up over the years. Are there are any inheritant problems. If the hull needs some refastening at some stage how does one handle the cascover. Can areas be cut out and then replaced once the refastening has been done?
    The boat is in very good condition at this stage but it as well to know of any pitfalls!
    Any advice comments welcome.
    Thanks David

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    Default Re: cascover queries

    My boat Englander was cascover sheethed from new, over iroko, there is not a blemish on it in 40 years, it comes to 6" above the waterline. If it's sound leave it alone. Fasteners can be replaced, by cutting a very small area and then repairing with glass cloth and epoxy, but it will need to be spotless around the area, to make the epoxy stick, keep checking this area, whenever you slip for antifoul. I have never neede3d to replace a fastening, as she is bronze and copper fastened. Most of the horror stories about cascover, are from jobs done later, to "save" an already rotten boat.
    If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

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    Default Re: cascover queries

    Here Here, sound advice.

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    Default Re: cascover queries

    [ QUOTE ]
    Most of the horror stories about cascover, are from jobs done later, to "save" an already rotten boat.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Funnily enough, I have just happenned across a reprint from Ship & Boat Builder - April 1958 entitled 'Sheathing Wooden Craft - A Development With Modern Resins'.

    It says: "The 'Cascover' process of sheathing is undoubtedly an ideal solution for boats with leaky hulls or decks, providing the wood is sound and free from rot. Its more important value, however, lies in its use as a protective sheathing for new boats - giving high resistance to attack by marine borers, greater resistance to abrasion and damage by impact, reduction in maintenance costs, and generally adding years to the life of the boat."

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    Default Re: cascover queries

    We agree that Cascover is a very good sheathing material. Wonder if anyone has found a source of supply of the Nylon cloth now that Wessex Resins have given it up? Any help would be most welcome.
    Charlie Rossiter


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