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    Default Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Thinking about buying one. Any recommendations on size and type? Do they stand up to being bounced around?

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    I bought a Sharp Aquos 15" for the F1 a couple of years ago, it's pretty robust and not been treated all that well, still looks and works like new.

    Shop around on kelkoo or deal time, I got a 550 TV for a little over 400.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Get a 12v one then it can be run on shore power or 12v.. Only 1 problem is that only the cheaper have the 12v socket (cheapest isnt always very good).

    We settled for a DMTECH one from Comet with built in DVD player and its all from 12v and was around 450 pounds but it does have a very nice quality image.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Im with Thomshap
    I have a Sharp 13" LCD, you can also get a 12 volt adapter to run it.
    has a nice carring handle on it aswell.Good picture and easy to set up


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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Sharp Aquos LC13S1E, recently installed and very happy so far. It runs on 12 & 240 volts and is multi standard. There is a slightly different and cheaper model which is mains only. Mounted an a bulkhead bracket multi swivel thing. Have not really bounced it around yet.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    mine are somehow secured into the walls, with no prob of being bounced around. I suppose the engineering job gets proportionally bigger with size of telly. The ornery comet-supplied stands for biggish flatscreens don't seem solid enough really, even if nailed to a surface.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Have 28" LCD in saloon and 15" in cabin and both seem to have stood up to the normal rigours of being on a motor boat fine. I think you can only get 12V up to about 17", so if you want a bigger TV in saloon will need to be 240V.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    originally bought a Goodmans 14 inch from Macro in winter took to boat a month ago and found brilliance not very good set at 100%,went back to Macro and the one on show was dull also even when set at 100%,saw a Sharp 15inch which was fine.Only was 240v, put on my inverter and works v.good, much better than the goodmans.and its nicam!! Cost me 8 more as it was on offer.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    Flat screens are not a problem in principal but the way they are mounted might be. TVs designed for living rooms often sit on purpose made stands and even if held by screws would be far too wobbly for a boat.

    Look for models that use the VESA 100 or 200 mounting standard. This will give you 4 mounting holes on the back of the screen at either 100 or 200mm apart. There may be others that don't fall into this standard but provide similar multi-point mounting.

    On our P42 we used a gorgeous little Panasonic 15" widescreen TV. Bumps and rolls never affected it at all but it was mounted on a solid stainless bracket.

    I've chosen 2 different Panasonic TVs for the P67 - for the saloon and for the stateroom. Both have the required 4 rear mounting points and will be mounted on custom stainless stands/brackets.

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    Default Re: Flat screen TV\'s for boats

    got this one for 227 very good telly but my kids have nicked it ! I will have to buy an other, yes bounces well off and on the boat !


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