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    Default Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    OK folks, its that time of year again !

    Last year, we had major problems identifying how many people intended to travel to Cherbourg on which date etc, followed by a debacle in finding somewhere to meet and eat.

    Within two weeks of our return, good old Twister Ken made provisional reservations at the Cherbourg Yacht Club fopr September 17th 2005.

    Now for the Good News - we still have reservations at the Yacht Club

    But there is also Bad News - we had to change it to 24th September !

    Unfortunately, RORC have organised a race to Cherbourg on 17th and pulled rank at the Yacht Club. There is no other venue suitable, close enough to the marina, in Ken's and my view.

    17th is also a big spring tide, whereas 24th is neapy. It clashes with other things like SBS, but there is no perfect date.

    So 24th September it is. No debate.

    For the uninitiated, the concept is for forumites to travel to Cherbourg by boat (train or car for french residents), meet up for a nosh and a quiet drink, usually followed a few noisy ones.

    A very important point: all sailing decisions are down to individual skippers. ie who they take aboard, passage plans, assessment of weather forecasts etc. There will be plenty of guidance, debate and banter on this forum, but skippers take their own responsibility. Other forumites seeking to crew are asked to respect this.

    As Ken is gallantly dealing with the Yacht Club, I will cause my usual confusion by compiling the list of boats, skippers, crews etc.

    Closer to the time, when we have an estimate of numbers, we will forewarn the marina. We will also make specific eating arrangements and advise costs etc - I am sure it will be very reasonable.

    A couple of the regulars like iangrant and zefender will be heading for the ARC, but hopefully new boats will join us - the more the merrier.

    Next steps -
    Skippers - please announce your intention to travel by adding a post.
    Others looking for a berth - add a post on here or PM any skippers who might have spare room.
    Something like that anyway - it will all come out in the wash !
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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Think my skipper's away that weekend for 2 weeks hols.

    So I'll be looking for a berth from the Solent.


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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Amaya will be there with IanGrant as honorary admiral, which means that he will block the companionway whilst emptying my fridge.

    I expect to have a full crew but if any places available will advertise. We will head St Vaast first if Cutter is available that weekend.

    So Amaya, Tome, IanGrant and the Emsworth Bad Boys prob 5 crew in total

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Already posted a new thread, but as most people are linking straight here, I will say it again:

    Looking for a berth!

    If anybody has a spare berth I would love to come along. I have no formal RYA qualifications but have knocked up over 1000 sea miles in my first year of sailing (without any disasters).

    I'm 28, sociable and easy to get along with. I don't fart much and am a good cook.

    Obviously willing to share costs etc.

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Good date Nick/Ken........

    I am going to see if BrendanS fancies the run in our little boats if that doesn't cause a problem (?) - subject of course to the weather! Are you generally happy for a few forum mobos to attend?

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Yep, High Time and crew are up for it.
    Sorry for the spilling

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Would like to bring Ronhilda along and meet some other forumites.
    Could have some spare berths


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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    I'd like to come along. Need to do the ring around of usual subjects for crew but failing them not wanting to set foot out of the Solent as it's scary!!! I may have place for anyone seeking to hitch a lift.

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005

    Sadly I won't be able to make this date. It's non-sailing SWMBO's birthday (same problem as last year!). I'll never get a pass.

    Hope you all have a good time.

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    Default Re: Scuttlebutt to Cherbourg 2005


    Put me down as a definite. Who can resist after last years do! Will likely have Rob Peck as crew, plus one other.

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