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    The All Up Weight will be the best part of two tonnes so dual axles is practically essential. I will be towing with a Nissan Terrano (Ford Maverick) which should be ok despite the long wheel base with a significant overhang behind the back wheels.

    Your comments regarding the geometry are interesting although as you say a drawing would be helpful. Whilst I think I understand what you are saying, to my mind the farther rearward the pivot point the lower it will be, because of the slope of the slipway when recovering. Am I missing something?

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    Please note many towbar manufacturers state that bar is derated to 80% if pulling twin axle trailor due to increased side forces when turning.
    My trailor is single axle home built utilising buckshe caravan axle. tows a dream with 20ft dolphin on it. It very much comes down to the set up and weight distribution. Tow car is toyota carina e 1.8.

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    Thing to look out for as well, is your car insurance as to clauses, regarding towing wieghts, I use a range rover for towing. Range rover quote 3.5 tonnes as max trailer wieght. Insurance only covers 80% of cars kerbside wieght(2 tonnes). Also if you go over the 60mph limit while towing your not covered. And anyway IMHO going over the limit is foolhardy and stupid. It takes far longer for the combo to stop/ react to steering inputs. Yeah ok you think you get there sooner, but you cant stop it. Next time you put the boat on the back of the car, find a clear area(off road) drive at 45 mph and try an emergency stop you'll be astounded at how long it takes and the effect the trailer has.

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