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    My wife has just received her copy of the Saga Magazine and Joy! there's an article about stars and their superyachts.

    Go Copy.

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    But surely Daily Mail readers are much, much older than Saga Magazine readers: if the article is about new-fangled stars like Tom Jones the DM readers won't have heard of them.

    Anyway, the DM is far too depressing; always seeming to predict the end of the world.................... but is that why they think that stars are buying boats (isn't that frightening: the next great flood and all that survives are 2 actors, 2 producers, 2 lighting cameramen, and 2 makeup artists.How will 2 "best boys" breed?)
    Is an advert? Click and make your own mind up.

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    Default Re: help. Daily Mail reporter needs help

    The best boys will be the fruit of the union between the 2 scenery riggers and the 2 chuckwagon girls. Meanwhile in the lazarette the 2 grips will be doing their own things. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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    I worked as a roadie in the early seventies too

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