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    Default Forum Burgees

    It would be good to see lots of Forum Burgees on the boats in Cherbourg, IMHO of course.

    You can buy them from forumite hlb for a mere 12.

    Details are . Scroll down the left hand side and click on ybw Forum Burgees.

    Haydn has only a few in stock and will order some more if you send him a cheque ASAP. If you tell him you want a burgee, please follow it up with the dosh without delay, to help him manage the quantity.
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    Default I shall be flying my PBO burgee as usual ....

    AND the PBO Meet 2 burgee .......................


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    Default Re: Forum Burgees

    Just sent my cheque off
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    Default Re: Forum Burgees

    I sent my cheque off a month ago - nothing yet. Does anyone have an email contact address for them please?


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