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    Default Can I dare suggest a RNLI donation ??

    Seeing as we are going to get drunk, skunked, frenchied etc. would it be a sin to spare a 1 each to RNLI coffers ??


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    Default Re: Can I dare suggest a RNLI donation ??

    Good idea. How about 1 for every beverage imbibed. This will encourage safe and responsible drinking amongst forumites and potentially avoid embarassing loss of inhibitions.
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    Default For each drink ???????

    Who do you think I am Onassis !!!

    Seriously ......... I'm game for a quid per person ...

    Anyone else ???

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    Default Re: For each drink ???????

    Possibly. We might get more takers closer to the time.

    Last year, Twister Ken did a great job of organising a Macmillan Nurses coffee morning collection (even though we were all spread out around La Manche), prompted by another forumite.

    We got well into 4 figures IIRC.
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    Default Re: For each drink ???????

    Count me in (where's the collecting tin?)

    . . Greg
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