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    Default Cockpit Cushions

    I suggested to SWMBO, after we both found the cockpit seats a bit hard after a long weekend, that she could make some cushions. But she said it would have to be waterproof stuffing, and waterproof but thin material (so the sewing machine would cope) and this would be hard to come by.

    I don't think buying proprietary cushions is an option because the Achilles cockpit seats are quite narrow.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions

    We made our own to fit the cockpit they were one of the best accessories we had...essential for lounging or long night watches. Only improvement would be foam backrests next time as well.

    We just used a fairly light canvas (not water proof), with normal foam (made of chopped bits) about 30-35mm thick, used velcro to join the end so the covers could be taken off.

    We tried to keep them dry and at the first sign of rain, or getting rough they would be slung down the hatch. Its really nice having them fitted to the shape of the seats as they seemed to stay in place better. We had a couple of single water proof cushions for those wet days when your sat out on watch.

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions

    We use the proprietary cotton canvas, "kapok" filled cushions generally seen in swindleries for 10-15. They are bigger than most peoples' bums, so if they don't fit on your cockpit seats they must be very narrow. Individual cushions have the advantage of "other" uses, e.g. as a "kneeler" when I have my head inside the engine compartment, or my arm jammed into an inaccessible part of the bilges/cockpit lockers/etc.. They can also be replaced piecemeal as and when they become less than presentable.

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions

    Camping shops. Dense foam seat pads and they have a cutout handle which is handy for tying a lanyard to. Usually about 1.
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    Default Advice re response from wife

    Hm. Your wife clearly doesn't want to make the cushions and is making up all sorts of reasons why it is almost impossible to make them. You should give up the idea of cushions, or wear thicker trousers. Be honest, if she REALLY wanted cushions they would magically appear - regardless of expense or complexity, like curtains at home. See?

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions

    Garden chair cushions from B&Q etc.

    - Nick

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions are great

    My boat came with a fitted, two piece, set, so I can't tell you the cost, but they're really good. They don't fall of the seats if you heel or if you stand on them. They also make the best bunk on the boat if it's blowing a bit, I put them on the cabin sole. You can turn in in your oilies then cos they're waterproof.

    The drawbacks are....They obstruct the locker lids.....They get in the way of the autohelm. You can get around these problems and it's well worth it for the comfort.

    You can also buy a sort of floating scatter cushion. I think Compass do one. Being a small boat sailor I like thinks that do two jobs.

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    Default Re: Cockpit Cushions

    Gemini Yacht Interiors
    Harbour Rd
    Gosport PO12 1BJ
    Tel. 023 92503003
    Fax. 023 92503003


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