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    I am looking for information about Finesse 28 boats. I have read the short info in the YM of Feb'02 "A-Z of Second Hand Boats" but it is rather short one. Could anyone let me know about the stability and seaworthiness of these boats and theirs suitability for longer passages?
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    These boats are excellent shoal draught cruisers designed for the shallow and relatively sheltered waters of the East Coast of England. They are capable of coastal passage making but I would not recommend them for lond distance offshore work. They are tough enough, but the hull form and stability are not ideal for heavy open water conditions.

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    See for a website about our finesse 27 (Virtually the same as a 28) which has been recently sold. We owned her for about 5 years, making many trips along the channel in all kinds of conditions, the worst being a SW F7 across Lyme Bay, she dealt with these conditions admirably but I would agree with JJs comments about her seaworthiness for offshore work.


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