As in previous years, we have made reservations at the restuarant based on the word of forumites, some of which we have never even met. Ken has committed to a specific number, which is less than the total on the list, based on an assumption that there will be dropouts before the night.

If we are out by 4 or 5 either way, we believe we can manage this on the day. If there are a significant number of dropouts, we could suffer not only embarrassment but also financially if the restuarant choose to charge us.

It is therefore absolutely, totally, unequivixxx .... bloody essential that we are made aware of any change to the numbers on your boat.

So we need to know if
- plans change between now and next weekend, which mean you won't be setting off. Hopefully this will not be due to the weather, but we are all subject to that.
- if you set off and have to turn back for whatever reason, eg sail repairs, sick crew or whatever

If you make it to Cherbourg, we will be expecting you to attend the meal - not all achieved this status last year, but hopefully this won't reoccur as the restuarant is so close to the marina.

Can I ask you to take two actions to help us.

1. PM me with your mobile number and e-mail address, if you haven't already done so. I will circulate a list to skippers only, and not publish this information on the forum. Then if you cannot contact Ken or myself, you can try somebody else. Similarly, you might want to communicate with those making the crossing at a similar time to you.

2. Upon arrival in Cherbourg, please find me on Moondance or Ken on Indigo so we know you are there.

I know there are going to be some late arrivals, eg BlueCHip, Fergus and Cutter. Don't worry, we will assume you are going to make it.

I will be off line as of 1700 on Thursday, so text or call me after that. You can of course call Moondance on VHF Ch16 (MMSI 235010954) - I will keep the radio and handheld on during Friday and Saturday.

As I have said before, the whole thing works on trust and common sense.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.