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    Default For the avoidance of doubt !!

    The meal is arranged for Saturday 24th September 2005, NOT this coming Saturday, ie 17th. The Yacht CLub forced is to change it, per my very first post on the subject.

    Why do I make this point, I hear you ask?

    Because one skipper has just told me he can't get away from work tomorrow, and another told me earlier in the week that his crew was planning to turn up today.

    Of course, I wouldn't dream of letting on who these people are - well, not stone cold sober on a public forum anyway!
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    Default Re: For the avoidance of doubt !!

    So Nick, no phone calls from Cherbourg asking where everybody is then?

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    Default Re: For the avoidance of doubt !!

    Weve been on the visitors pontoon all weekend now.what happened to the rest of you??? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]


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