Most Solent Sailors will have dropped their hook at Priory bay near Bembridge at some time. At the start of a weeks single handing cruise I stopped off there, and ran straight through an unmarked fish net. Rudder and prop totally fouled, and net round the keels. An hour trying to cut myself free I was getting nowhere, and was getting tired and cold so called Solent CG for advice. Bembridge IRB attended, towed me into shallow water where 2 of the crew spent 45 minutes in the water clearing everything.

The net appeared to be well over 50m in length, marked at one end by a small orange buoy. White floats were attached aproximately every 2 metres, but the net was weighted so that the floats were submerged and entirely invisible about half a metre belwo the surface.

Another similar orange buoy was located a little further out presumably with a second net.

And this in an area often crowded with small craft of all kinds!