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    Default Re: Commercial Use of Red Diesel - an absurdity


    They leave Brit boats alone at the moment. That, I suspect, will change.
    Charter boats, Hmm, define a charter boat?

    It would be interesting to see what French, Spanish etc charter companies do at the moment

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    Default The rubbish that gets repeated ....... sorry and all that !

    ULSD or Raod Diesel as most know it has Lubricity Additive added to specified levels to reduce its 'Dry-ness' .... and in normal use shoul;d not be a problem to most engines in use ...

    I have an older Perkins and when the change happens will not worry about using ULSD in it ....

    How many out there add a small amount of kero or gasline to their diesel for winter ?? That is a drying agent literally in itself ...... has your engine suffered ?

    There are no guarantees in all this - there will be posts of someones engine failed after change over- whether really due to red to ULSD will not be exactly known - but the connection will be made.

    I do not say that everyone can chaneg without care - but most will be able to .... engine manufacturers such as Perkins will not like issuing definitive statements on this topic - same as I - as I am in the 'trade' so to speak ....

    I don't spend hours and much effort meeting EU levels of fuel quality for nothing ...... Use of ULSD or Red is not such an issue for average yacht engine.
    I'm sure that some enterprising get-rich quick twerp will market a fuel conditioner when it all happens .... costing a packet of course .....


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