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    Default List of Boats / people so far ....

    This list will be updated as people advise me etc .... today is Oct 12 and so current for today ... I have chosen to post as an image instead of a web-link - that way its easier for most and you have something you can download to your own folder - if others don't mind of course ....

    Please note that there are gaps and errors in listings ... if you see your name / DONT see your name and want a correction - let me know and I will do my human best .... Updated lists will be posted as and when corrections occur ...

    Excellent ... really looking forward to meeting you all ....

    Don't forget we are still looking for games ideas etc. !! It's a family day on the bbq beach !!

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    Default Re: List of Boats / people so far ....


    Firstly, well done, for taking this on!
    Secondly, Enigma of Beaulieu will have a crew of four with others arriving by land for main barbeque on the beach event. Numbers nearer the time, if that's all right.
    Thirdly, Enigma and crew will join the cruise.
    Fouthly, length, 30ft. - keel, fin & skeg, 5'6''. We have visited H&H on previous occaisions.

    Thanks again!


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